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ADM Capital Foundation

Hong Kong, China

The charitable organisation ADM Capital Foundation was launched in 2006 by ADM Capital, a Hong Kong-based investment firm established in 1998, which manages assets worth USD1.6 billion. ADM Capital’s co-founder Robert Appleby has an MA in Zoology and a BA in Zoology and Anthropology from Oxford University, England. He spent 13 years at Lehman Brothers, and was also formerly Managing Director of the Asian Fixed Income Division at Credit Agricole Indosuez. 

The remit of ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF) is two-fold: first supporting children at risk and environmental conservation in Asia. Second, on the conservation front, ADMCF donates money for research purposes and works with its partners on five issues: marine ecology, water security, air quality, wildlife trade and forestry conservation finance. 

ADMCF executive team hosts The Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime (GIEWC) alliance, chaired by John Scanlon AO, former Secretary General of CITES. Also sitting on the GIEWC’s steering committee are the Born Free Foundation, Global Environmental Institute, the International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF), and the Food and Land Use Coalition (represented by Systemiq). 

In 2019, ADMCF co-founded the Hong Kong Shark Foundation (HKSF), along with Fundación Colombia Azul. ADMCF’s 2019 annual report says that HKSF’s purpose is to ‘undertake research into the species composition of low-value shark fins in Hong Kong markets’. The objective, says the same report, is ‘to make recommendations for policy reform in relation to seizure and forfeiture of shark fins’. Its research findings are meant to highlight, the report says, ‘recommendations for shark listings at CITES COP-19’. 

Furthermore, in 2019 ADMCF funded The Pangolin Reports, an international network of journalists, working on a series of reports that document the poaching, smuggling, and consumption of pangolins in Africa, Europe, and Asia. 


The CEO is Lisa Genasci, former Associated Press journalist. 




According to its 2019 annual report, total contributions from ADM Capital and Investing Partners were USD3.07m (2018: USD3.10m), of which ADM Capital contributed USD1.97m.  ADMCF also facilitated USD1.01m in donations to third party organisations. 

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Wildlife Conservation Society

In 1906, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) put an African man on display in Bronx Zoo’s Monkey House. In 1918, one of WCS’s founding fathers, Madison Grant, published Passing of the Great Race, which Adolf Hitler referred to as his ‘Bible’. Another leading creator and early leader of WCS, Henry Fairfield Osborn Sr, was also a founder of the American Eugenics Society. His son headed WCS from 1940 to 1968, overseeing a series of major initiatives in Africa. There, WCS became one of the architects of the prohibition movement, which put wildlife for consumptive use and vast regions of land out of bounds to humanity. In 2020, WCS distanced itself in public from the racist views of Grant and Henry Fairfield Osborn Sr. But it has yet to issue a critical account of the legacy of Fairfield Osborn Jr, even though he led WCS into the modern era while sharing similar politically-inspired ecological goals to his father and Grant. WCS devotes considerable financial resources to influencing outcomes at CITES. WCS’s CEO reportedly earns USD$1,320,978.