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IWMC eNews Special Edition

IWMC eNews Special Edition

‚?ćeNewsletter Special Edition¬†

Humans-Wildlife, A Universal Conflict

By Eugène Lapointe

Conflicts between Humans and Wildlife are not new and not limited to remote areas. They became a permanent feature in every part of the world: in Africa, North America, Southeast Asia and more recently in Europe, where an increasing population of wolves is creating havoc with the farmers in Switzerland, Southern France, and Italy. In North America, fishers are accused of stealing food from Orcas‚?¶


Are Governments working to solve the problem? Are they applying the right solution? Are Government policies more considerate of wildlife than humans?


At the approach of the CITES Animals committee meeting (AC32, Geneva 19 to 24 June 2023) IWMC offers its readers the views of two experts from Africa and North America.

Large Predators, Increasing Predations & Furtive Agendas

by James Beers, Biologist

Central government authorities have been busy working with and on behalf of radical NGOs for 40 years issuing dire warnings about imminent extinction of Large Predators (called ‚??Charismatic Megafauna‚?Ě) as justification to Declare them ‚??Endangered‚?Ě, ‚??Threatened‚?Ě and ‚??Of Concern‚?Ě. This has resulted in federal programs that have stolen authority and jurisdiction over these animals from State governments in the US, Provincial governments in Canada and national governments in the EU.

Speared lions in Kenya incite outrage, while locals suffer lion depredations

By Daniel Stiles


Consultant Richard Bonham, Executive Chairman of Big Life Foundation Kenya, announced recently that: ‚??Six lions have been killed on Mbirikani Ranch, in the Greater Amboseli Ecosystem of southern Kenya, on the morning of Saturday May 13th. The incident unfolded after a group of nine subadult lions broke into a livestock enclosure near Mbirikani town on the night of May 12th, killing 12 goats and a dog‚?¶.

A must read

As part of the current campaign to discredit hunting is the UK Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill. Resource Africa with IUCN SULi input have prepared a response.


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