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eNewsletter Jan/Feb 2023

eNewsletter Jan/Feb 2023

 eNewsletter January/February 2023

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In this edition we feature the following articles:


- Can Capitalism and Nature coexist?

- What is the UN Biodiversity Conference: COP15?

- In Memoriam

Can Capitalism and Nature coexist?


When arrogance collides with revealed truths and ideological objectives.


The link is COP15: The leader of WWF shares hows to actually save the planet - Vox


Mr. Lambertini 's arrogance betrays the corporate agenda of NGOs. It is not about "saving" (self-righteous term) the planet, but about taking a shortcut to power. Ideology over science and facts.


Read the full article:



What is the UN Biodiversity Conference: COP15?
Why it matters and what was at stake at the Montreal summit?


What is the UN Biodiversity Conference: COP15? Why it matters and what was at stake at the Montreal summit?


Thousands of delegates representing 192 countries spent the two weeks meeting in Montreal, hammering out a once-in-a-decade agreement meant to protect, conserve, and equitably share nature. Here's your guide to why it matters, who was there and what to expect.


Read in CBC News:

COP 15, the latest World Worry Fest (WWF) was officially underway to venerate Nature and vilify humanity. The Presidency remaining under China. Threats to species are too numerous to mention and well beyond the coordination of dealing with the needs of individual ones so a comprehensive all - inclusive strategy is required. The odd on favorite option is to put at least one - third of Earth's lands and waters off limits to human use by 2030.


In 1987, Madame Bro Brundtland of "Our Common Future" fame / notoriety started with 12% as an opener for preclusion that has increased perniciously over the decades. This is not enough to ensure protection for an ever - increasing number of threatened and endangered species. Will 30% be enough?


A week of denigration followed by recommendations for policy changes as atonement for environmental abuses, real or imaginary as compensation. Recommendations from the previous COP admittedly have failed to meet expectations so expect a repeat, its purpose: another WWF to continue yet another party.


The dramatic consequences of the so - called historical decision (30% of water - 30% of land off human activity by 2030) for the livelihoods and food security of millions of people - while easy to predict - are unknown. And even if they would have been clearly spelled out, they would have been ignored.


Particularly important for the politicians whose libations and labour during their attendance at CoP 15, upon returning to their constituencies via private jets or more the plebeian, first class, was to announce: "We are striving to save the Planet, but you must also do your share. Forego your consumption of Nature and ride your bike".


Predictably the exhortations and recommendations of COP 15 will fail, and the next generation of politicians and NGOs will become the new Saviours of Planet Earth. This is a cyclical recurrent obligation certain to include demands for more financial support to ensure that threats to yet unnamed species will be addressed.


In the opening of its article on CoP15, a Swiss daily newspaper recently stated: "Countries around the world have adopted a text that must stop the destruction of life."What a ridiculous statement! Life cannot exist without death, regardless the declarations of Heads of State and self - appointed stewards of planet Earth.

Ken Sumanik (MSc.) December 31, 2022

In Memoriam


Losing a loved one is a stressful process to go through and IWMC has recently been informed of the passing away of two close friends.


Dr. Janice Henke, anthropologist, passed away after a lengthy illness. She was an avid collaborator of IWMC and acted for several years as a member of our Board of Directors. She first was interested in the harp seal hunt and then shifted from seal to whales. Janice travelled the world, including Antarctica, where she spent two months trapped in the ice on a research vessel. She would calmly face dangers.


Mr. Jean - Patrick Le Duc worked at the CITES Secretariat during my tenure as CITES Secretary General. He was a specialist of environmental issues. Jean - Patrick was awarded the Legion of Honour of the National Order of Merit Honorary Attaché to the National Museum of Natural History. He was a trusted friend with an easy repartee, a huge sense of humor and a contagious laugh.


Suffice to say that IWMC is saddened by the loss of his two friends.

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