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IWMC November eNewsletter

IWMC November eNewsletter

November eNewsletter

Words of Wisdom

"Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that
will lead others to join you" -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Climate Catastrophe is an Ideal Weapon to
direct People‚??s Lives!

"...Anyone who dares to say ‚??but‚?Ě in the face of some dark prediction becomes a ‚??denier,‚?Ě a word that had been healthily banished from public debate since the time of the Enlightenment. And curiously, or not so curiously, today it is wielded by many journalists, intellectuals, and in general socialist leaders, to annul everyone who does not get on their ghost train."

Widespread Net-Zones in the Gulf of Carpentaria

‚??We are the low-hanging fruit in the Gulf commercial fishing industry and the idea of closing off our fishing areas is to appease the radical green groups that have infiltrated Queensland Fisheries Management."

Constraints in the Fisheries Arena

"The gradual depletion of salmon stocks of the Yukon River and tributaries is well documented, and measures to halt, preferably reverse it, have failed. Decades of whining have not evoked the empathy of government enough to undertake population restoration, yet it continues... Hope springs eternal!" "Governments are both allocator and mediator in deciding who gets to use the commons, and how it is being used. Determinations are entirely political but they also require knowledge to ensure proper management of the use(s). Any change in managing the activity (i.e.) fishing, that impacts the livelihoods of fishers is equally important. This requires moral objectivity when deciding, but when a lack of it prevails, decisions tend to be arbitrary and in this case, fishers are likely to become the losers‚?¶unless government is induced to change its mind." -- (Ken Sumanik)




Lausanne/Zurich Pirate edition of "20 minutes", September 20, 2023 - Thousands of copies of a newspaper called "22 October", with a layout almost identical to that of "20 minutes", slipped yesterday morning into the newspaper boxes of Lausanne and Zurich. The publication was printed in German and French in 420,000 copies, of which 30,000 were illegally deposited in newspaper boxes. The remaining copies will be shipped directly to households, by post, according to a statement from Greenpeace activists. "20 minutes" condemns this action. "Our readers have been deliberately deceived and manipulated. We are politically neutral and independent," the CEO said. The fake newspapers were removed and destroyed and provisional measures requested to prohibit their dissemination. (20 minutes, 20 Sept. 2023)

U.S. Governor Ron DeSantis issued a proclamation dedicating September 23 as National Hunting and Fishing Day for the State of Florida in honor of hunters‚?? and anglers‚?? direct contributions to conservation in Florida. "We are thankful for his recognition and encourage Floridians to celebrate by enjoying the abundance of coastline; lakes, rivers and canals; and public land found throughout our beautiful state". (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, 22 September 2023)


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