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Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

The value of “interrupting the supply chain” for wildlife products is not necessarily positive from the perspective of conservation.

Recognising community rangers in honour of Garth Owen-Smith


Author Gail C. Thomson. Originally published on Conservation Namibia. The early 1980s was a tough time to conserve wildlife outside national parks in Namibia, particularly in areas that were demarcated by the apartheid government as homelands. It was tough both politically and environmentally – the government of the day had little political will and no effective… Continue reading Recognising community rangers in honour of Garth Owen-Smith

Hands off all sharks?

Putting ocean life under the microscope

At CITES’ CoP-18 the assembled NGOs made sharks their iconic species of choice, knocking elephants off their number one spot. The question is, why did an ugly predator displace photogenic and speciously friendly elephants as the primary campaign pillar of animal rights activists? Animal activist NGOs leapt for joy, stamped their feet and banged their… Continue reading Hands off all sharks?

Makuya’s inspirational fight to save its hunting culture

Conservation perspective – part 2

Conservation perspective – part 1

Colonialism: More present than ever