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Shoot to Kill: VICE Investigates the Kenya Wildlife Service

How do you read the allegations in the video?

A ban on grizzly bear trophy hunt has led to a boom in the predator population

Matt Simmons is a writer and editor based in Smithers, B.C., unceded Gidimt’en Clan territory, home of the Wet’suwet’en/Witsuwit’en Nation. After travelling and adventuring across the top half of the province for several years, writing on conservation, cultural heritage and the joys of backcountry exploration for numerous magazines and newspapers, he settled in northwest B.C.

Recognising community rangers in honour of Garth Owen-Smith


Author Gail C. Thomson. Originally published on Conservation Namibia. The early 1980s was a tough time to conserve wildlife outside national parks in Namibia, particularly in areas that were demarcated by the apartheid government as homelands. It was tough both politically and environmentally – the government of the day had little political will and no effective… Continue reading Recognising community rangers in honour of Garth Owen-Smith

Communities – home page snippet

There are 8 billion people on the planet. Most of them live in cities. IWMC promotes the interests of aboriginal, rural and coastal communities (ARC) because they are frontline custodians harvesting nature’s bounty. They also suffer most from human wildlife conflicts, which IWMC works to resolve or minimise. Meanwhile, people in cities and towns consume… Continue reading Communities – home page snippet

Conservation Influencers – overview – home only

Unmasking NGOs Conservation Influencers is a directory of 60 of the most prominent NGOs from the animal activist, environmental and ecological lobby, which analyses their history, mission, methodology, funding and reputation. It assesses their influence on the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and the framing of the… Continue reading Conservation Influencers – overview – home only

Makuya’s inspirational fight to save its hunting culture

Final remarks CoP18

Mr. Chair, I know there are many people here who see a listing in CITES appendices as an end in itself. They don’t care about the consequences or the lack of efficacy or the inability of CITES to implement the listings properly. They don’t care if unimplementable listings turn honest trades into illegal ones. They… Continue reading Final remarks CoP18