Indigenous whalers bring joy to beleaguered islanders

International Whaling Commission. Whale's capture draws excited crowds on Bequia in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

When are tens of tonnes of humpback whale meat most welcome? After a volcano erupts, then rainfall turns ash slurry into mudslides, destroying crops, cutting electricity and water connections, closing airports and ports, forcing 20 000 of a country’s 100 000 population from their homes, that’s when. On 9th April La Soufriere volcano on St… Continue reading Indigenous whalers bring joy to beleaguered islanders

The Dawn of the New Whaling

A minke whale caught in Japanese coastal waters as part of Japan’s research program is hauled ashore at Kushiro port in Hokkaido. KYODO/NEWSCOM

Towards the Sustainable Use of Aquatic Living Resources Prologue On 1 July 2019, five small-type whaling vessels left the port of Kushiro and one factory-ship whaling fleet left the port of Shimonoseki. It was the resumption of commercial whaling after the suspension for practically 32 years. In the case of the small-type whaling operating mostly… Continue reading The Dawn of the New Whaling

Whales overview

The IWMC President, Eugene Lapointe,Addresses the Plenary Session of theIWC Intersessional Meeting, Rome, March 10, 2009 Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Delegates The situation currently facing the International Whaling Commission lends itself to many different characterizations. There is some broad agreement that the Commission is at the edge of an abyss. But which abyss this is depends… Continue reading Whales overview

It’s Time to Listen to Japan on Whaling

Originally published in Members of the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will begin 2015 by reviewing a new proposed research plan for an Antarctic whale research program, known as NeWReP-A, under which Japan will gather evidence to demonstrate that future commercial harvests of minke whales can be conducted sustainably. While the… Continue reading It’s Time to Listen to Japan on Whaling