Whales overview

The IWMC President, Eugene Lapointe,Addresses the Plenary Session of theIWC Intersessional Meeting, Rome, March 10, 2009 Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Delegates The situation currently facing the International Whaling Commission lends itself to many different characterizations. There is some broad agreement that the Commission is at the edge of an abyss. But which abyss this is depends… Continue reading Whales overview

Turtles overview

Sea turtles are an at risk species that on several occasions IWMC has recommended for listing in CITES’ appendices. For example, in 2000 at CITES’ CoP-11 in Gigiri, Kenya, IWMC supported the listing of the Spotted turtle in appendix II because the sustainability of this species is genuinely at risk, including by international trade. It… Continue reading Turtles overview

Sharks overview

The founders of CITES – including IUCN – never intended the Convention to become deeply involved with the conservation of marine species. That explains why when CITES held its first Conference of the Parties in 1976, sharks were not an agenda item. It took until 2002 at CoP-12 in Santiago, Chile, before the first listing of… Continue reading Sharks overview


A RESTRICTED INVITATION TO ASSESS AND EXPAND Assembled by Michelle Batterham The Problem A paper has been published reviewing various non-lethal methods currently being used, somewhat ineffectively, to reduce interactions between sharks and people. McPhee et al. 2021, A comparison of alternative systems to catch and kill for mitigating unprovoked shark bite on bathers or… Continue reading ASSESSMENT-REVIEW

Sharks, flounders and terrapins top Florida wildlife agenda this week

Captured from Florida Today

By Jim Waymer. Originally published on Florida Today. Sharks sink to the bottom dead, slaughtered only for their fins. Flounders are floundering under an onslaught of hooks. And diamondback terrapins drown in untold abandoned crab traps. Those are among the creature discomforts that Florida wildlife officials will address this week, fishing for better ways to preserve those… Continue reading Sharks, flounders and terrapins top Florida wildlife agenda this week


Lausanne, 18 June 2020 – On Tuesday, Chris Lischewski, the driving force behind the creation of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), received a three-year prison sentence in the United States for fixing the price of canned tuna. The former CEO of Bumble Bee Sea Foods is now disgraced beyond recovery. The story behind this… Continue reading Tuna-price-fixing

DIRECTED SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES, INC. A Saltwater Fisheries Consulting Company

Tiger sharks will never be in danger of depletion, nor worse, under current fishing methods worldwide. They mature very quick as far as sharks go, and the females are always much larger than the males, and probably mate with several males like many shark species during breeding season that helps genetic diversity, and have scores… Continue reading DIRECTED SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES, INC. A Saltwater Fisheries Consulting Company

“Fish Wars” or a Regime Shift in Ocean Governance?

Author Nils E. Stolpe/FishNet USA The reasons for Big Oil’s (now more accurately Big Energy’s) focus on fisheries – and on demonizing fishing and fisher- men – has been fairly obvious since a coalition of fishermen and environmentalists successfully stopped energy exploration on Georges Bank in the early 80s. Using a handful of ocean oriented… Continue reading “Fish Wars” or a Regime Shift in Ocean Governance?

Fisheries are choking on good(?) intentions

Author Nils Stolpe/FishNet USA Choking On Good Intentions In multispecies fisheries, regulators must distinguish between stocks that are truly threatened or endangered and those that are simply fished harder than would be optimal on a single-species basis. It may be best to not try to rebuild some overfished stocks (so long as they do not… Continue reading Fisheries are choking on good(?) intentions

The Sustainable Fisheries Act – January 11, 2000 revisited

Author: Nils Stolpe/FishNet USA I’ve been reviewing my past writings to gauge which, if any, have aged gracefully and which haven’t. I’ll be redistributing those that I think were particularly noteworthy, either because they were – and perhaps still are – on target or because they weren’ t – or aren’ t. The following addresses… Continue reading The Sustainable Fisheries Act – January 11, 2000 revisited