Testimonial: Neil Baird

Having known Eugene Lapointe for many years, I have come to appreciate and admire his very knowledgeable, practical and common sense approach to environmental, particularly wildlife, conservation matters. His long and extensive practical experience with the issues backs his unemotional, economic approach that is far more realistically supportive of the world’s wildlife than the irrational, self-centred zealotry of the green-left who so loudly disparage him. Unlike his practical approach to the subject, their solutions are very rarely grounded in reality.

His latest work Wildlife Betrayed offers readers a very rational and practical approach to the vitally important subject of wildlife conservation. It is a very effective antidote to the irrational, ignorant and emotive nonsense being so vociferously peddled by too many of our planet’s self-proclaimed environmental crusaders. Anyone interested in learning the truth on the current state of the world’s wildlife would be well advised to carefully study Eugene Lapointe’s very important book.

Dr Neil Baird
Chairman of Baird Publications

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