Testimonial: Ron Thompson

In his ‘Wildlife Betrayed’ Eugène Lapointe has produced a masterpiece of fact which explains how the international animal rights brigade has high-jacked CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and how they have been changing the convention’s original purpose from being a regulator of the wildlife trade into one which prohibits it. One by one the author identifies the NGO culprits and explains how they operate. His knowledge about these NGOs, and how they have been undermining the convention’s purpose over the last 50 years, is astonishing. 

This is not a call to arms. But it is a warning about what we can expect to encounter on life’s road ahead. It is, therefore, an authoritative guide which provides factual information about the iniquities of these nefarious people, their organizations and their modus operandi‘Wildlife Betrayed’, therefore, leaves us better armed than we were before reading this masterpiece, and it provides the kind of ammunition we will need to use in the battles that loom ahead.  

Everyone who has even just a modicum of interest in the world’s wildlife, and in Planet Earth, needs to read this book. 

Ron Thompson
True Green Alliance Director

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