Rhinos overview

A Regulated Trade in Rhino Horn By Mike Eustace There were said to have been 100.000 rhino in Africa in 1960. That number should have grown to 1.6 million today, at a growth rate of 6% p.a., but poaching has reduced it to less than 25.000, or 1.6% of what it should have been. About… Continue reading Rhinos overview

Diagram Beneficiaries of Rhino Poaching

By Rodney Genricks. The diagram was developed for the express purpose of making people aware of who the beneficiaries were in a sustainable way and what is destroying our rhino and wildlife in a unsustainable manner.  View as PDF:

Trade in rhino and tiger products might well save the species

Originally published on Daily Maverick. China has declared it will permit limited trade in rhino and tiger products from farmed animals, for use in research or traditional Chinese medicine. Opponents of legal trade had a collective apoplexy, but their oft-repeated mantras are not supported by fact. China’s decision to permit limited import, export and domestic trade… Continue reading Trade in rhino and tiger products might well save the species

New rhino conservation approach

Rhinos being bred by John Hume Conservancy

By Emmanuel Koro. Originally published in The Herald. Against a background where it has been losing approximately 3 394 rhinos annually to poaching, with one rhino being killed every eight hours, South Africa has taken the lead in a new rhino conservation approach that no one can stop now and in the future. The unprecedented… Continue reading New rhino conservation approach

Poaching: SA heads for 1,000 rhino killings for the fifth year in a row

Frikkie Rossouw, of the SANParks’ Environmental Crime Investigations Unit, prepares the carcass of a rhino killed for its horn for postmortem, Kruger National Park, South Africa, 04 February 2015. EPA/SALYM FAYAD

By TONY CARNIE. Originally published in Daily Maverick. For the fifth year in a row, South Africa is set to record a grisly killing rate of more than 1,000 rhinos poached each year (nearly three rhinos each day).The latest statistics – the first official information released by government in six months – show that at… Continue reading Poaching: SA heads for 1,000 rhino killings for the fifth year in a row


FOREWORD by Dr Peter Oberem – President of Wildlife Ranching South Africa (WRSA) “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” Winston Churchill said. His adage those who care, that there is no longer any more room or time left for mistakes. The very existence of the species is under serious… Continue reading RhinoAlive.com


By Michael EUSTACE I am writing this on the banks of the Bua River in Malawi. There were Black Rhino here in the 1960s. The only record of a White Rhino having occurred in Malawi was one shot on the Bua in 1896 and the horn, on an inscribed silver base, was recently on auction… Continue reading RHINO HORN TRADE

Rah-rah for rhino reserves!

Photo by Quintus Strauss

By Tanya Jacobsen. Originally published on RhinoAlive.com. Rhinos throughout South Africa are being brutally killed for their horns. In this article, I would like to focus on some of the positive contributions by the private (non-governmental) sector and the trials and tribulations that they face in trying to keep rhinos safe. This article follows our… Continue reading Rah-rah for rhino reserves!

International rhino horn trade ban failing stop poaching

By Emmanuel Koro. Originally published on the THE CITIZEN NEWSPAPER. Those who take rhino conservation very seriously must rethink if the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) international ban on rhino horn is really working. About a week ago, eight rhinos were poached in iMfolozi Game Reserve… Continue reading International rhino horn trade ban failing stop poaching

Overview of the rhino crisis & ivory auctions vs rhino horn sales

By Quintus Strauss

Originally published on RhinoAlive.com. Hello We often meet people who have gathered perspectives on the rhino poaching situation primarily from press articles or friends and Facebook groups. We would like to offer an overview of the rhino crisis from our own perspective, with facts and figures that clearly demonstrate how the ban on trade has… Continue reading Overview of the rhino crisis & ivory auctions vs rhino horn sales