Testimonial: Ron Thompson

In his ‘Wildlife Betrayed’ Eugène Lapointe has produced a masterpiece of fact which explains how the international animal rights brigade has high-jacked CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and how they have been changing the convention’s original purpose from being a regulator of the wildlife trade into one which prohibits it. One by one the author identifies the NGO culprits and explains how they operate. His knowledge about these NGOs, and how they have been undermining the convention’s purpose over the last 50 years, is astonishing. 

Testimonial: Joji Morishita

Eugene Lapointe has been in the center of this controversy and if you feel committed to the conservation of wildlife, well-being of native and indigenous peoples, and welfare of rural and coastal communities, read Wildlife Betrayed.

Testimonial: Neil Baird

It is a very effective antidote to the irrational, ignorant and emotive nonsense being so vociferously peddled by too many of our planet’s self-proclaimed environmental crusaders. Anyone interested in learning the truth on the current state of the world’s wildlife would be well advised to carefully study Eugene Lapointe’s very important book.

Testimonial: Daniel Stiles

I would highly recommend that anyone wishing to understand CITES, the complex politics behind its operations and one informed view of what needs to be done to save it from irrelevance to read this book.

Testimonial: Jim Beers

Wildlife Betrayed is the best summary I have read of how Prohibiting the sustainable use of wildlife and what he calls the Multiple Game being played by NGOs and International Players is eroding wildlife abundance, diversity and presence in rural areas worldwide.  He also includes a section on how to “Take Back Control”.